Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last call for retards


This reads like marketing slosh.  Last chance to be an idiot?  Let's say you jump in and borrow $500,000 on 30y amortization with this mortgage.  Your mortgage payments will be $2374.76 per month.  Each year you will pay $28497.18.  After 10 years your balance owing will be $393349.39, so your interest payments are $178321.19.  You will kiss that money goodbye for the luxury of borrowing from a bank.

Now let's say the price of houses declines 10%, which is definitely at the low end of predictions. You borrow $450,000 on 5 year mortgages at the same 4% rate (because the interest rate went up from the current 3.34%).  Your mortgage payments will be $2137.29 per month.  Each year you pay $24647.49, and after 10 years you will owe $354014.45.  You get a free fucking vacation every year and at the end of it, you're an additional $39335.05 ahead.  You would, of course, be massively ahead by putting that $4000 a year extra into your much smaller mortgage, but life comes with unforeseen expenses.

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